Top 10+1 Tips

Events can be a massive undertaking. The items on this list are things I try to do and remember whenever I am planning an event.

The List

  1. Anticipate Everything
  2. Plan Ahead
    • This means plan EVERYTHING.
    • "Specificity is the soul of a plan." - Ward's Corollary to Hodgman's Corollary of Hamlet on the soul of wit.**
    • Timelines, Goals, and Calendars should be defined early.
  3. Communicate, Organize, Lead
    • Production Schedules are your friend.
    • Have a backup for everything, including you backup. Make sure you aren't the only one who knows it.
  4. People support what they help to create.
  5. Rehearse EVERYTHING
    • Walk through the venue.
    • Make sure everything exists.*
  6. Create the magic moments.
    • You are in control.
  7. Know your audience.
    • Plan for your audience, not yourself.
  8. Follow up afterward. Thank your people.
    • If you treat your people well, they can and will move mountains for you.
  9. Have a backup plan. Have a backup for your backup plan.
    • If you're really on top of things, have a backup for that one too.
  10. Be yourself, but act professionally.

Above all else, remember: Nothing is a crisis.

Much of the credit for the basis of this list goes to the inimitable Mindy Benson, Vice President of Alumni & Community Relations at Southern Utah University.

* There's a story behind this one.
** Yes, I do realize the irony in my verbose, and frankly, poor, attempt at being witty while paraphrasing the Dane's claim that the essence of wit is in its brevity.

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